An Englishman in Romania

Did Dracula stalk his victims under this light?

Well, let's be honest, of course he didn't.  Probably because he's a fictional character and all that.

But still, a visit to Bran Castle is well worth taking; partly because it's a really interesting building (and allegedly for sale - if I find a spare €60million or so tucked under a mattress I'm having first dibs, I could see my self retiring there), partly because of the beautiful views and area, and partly because of the shops in the village at the bottom of the road to the castle.

I speak not of the souvenir Dracula keyrings and the like (although they are all, of course, available.)  No, it's worth it for the cheeses (I am the proud owner of a splendid Brânză de burduf, but not for long because it tastes fantastic,) for the incredibly morish Kurtoskalacs chimney cakes, and for the moonshine Țuică that can knock your socks off.

I suspect the Țuică can also be used, at a push, to dissolve corpses if you happen to need to. I wonder if that's why Dracula did set up shop here...


Anyway, here are a few snaps of Bran and Brasov generally.  Alas, my real cameras are all somewhere in a shipping crate on their way from the Isle of Man to Romania - but I'll be heading back when I have them!


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