An Englishman in Romania

Random Observations on Moving to Romania

OK, so I promised to keep this thing up to date.  The problem with that is I find I have precious little to write...  Maybe a literary career is not for me - who knew?

But, as I've been living here for all of four days now, I really feel I ought to write something.  So here are some bullet points...

  • The bureaucracy.  Actually, not as bad as I was expecting.  OK, so everything seemingly has to be stamped (and given a number) by some mysterious official before it is valid, but so far so good; this opinion may change when I apply for my residency permit...
  • The broadband speeds - well, in Buc, anyway.  People of England, prepare to be very jealous; I decided the 500Mb/s was overkill, so I went with only 150Mb/s.    Combined with cable TV and phone service, the total cost is less than telephone line rental alone in the UK.
  • Speaking of TV - Balkanika MTV.  Music videos here follow a very simple formula. And what a splendid formula it is...
  • Crap.  I don't know what it is yet, but there's a lot of it sold in pots next to the fish in my local shop.  Will I ever dare to investigate?
  • Sausages.  I fear I am going to miss the British banger more than anything else.  On the other hand, Cremewurst for breakfast is a thing.

Most of all though, something I already knew:

  • The people.  As friendly as they are beautiful (which is to say, extraordinarily.)

So, that's first impressions done with.  I am going to get back to the untold and near forgotten pleasure of a beer and cigarette, indoors, at the same time.  Europe's smoking room is a beautiful place...

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