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A big move...

The one person reading this site who knows me...  Actually, scrub that, the one person reading this site knows that when I'm not updating (which is to say all the time, given I never keep it updated) I work in the betting and gaming industry.

Now you can say a lot about betting & gaming (there's a good chance I'll agree with a lot of it) - but one of the great things about this business is it's truly international.  Last week I was at the industry's annual UK bonanza the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition in London's ExCeL centre.  Over evening beers on the last day the MD of the organisers proudly told me they had visitors from over 140 countries attend - a pretty good innings given there are only 193 countries in the United Nations.

So, it's in that spirit that I am making an international move of my own - upping sticks from the relative calm of the Isle of Man and indeed the United Kingdom, and emigrating to beautiful Romania - Bucharest to be precise.


So, lucky me; why am I bothering to write this..?  Well, I figure it's an opportunity to revive this site, maybe.  I'm not going to promise to start writing trenendously witty 'An Englishman Abroad...' content that will one day be serialised in the travel section of The Times - but who knows, maybe I'll get my photographic mojo back?  If living in the Paris of the East can't do it, nothing can.

So here's my stake in the ground - I'll give it a go.  And yeah, I'll leave the E6 article up, don't worry...

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  • Guest (Mihaela)

    I enjoyed every word . Thank you. Still in Bucharest ?

  • Guest (Tim)

    In reply to: Guest (Mihaela)

    Ha, thanks very much. Yes I am - and still love the city :-).

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