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Learning to Paint

Thought I'd try something new to keep me out of the pub this easter weekend - attempting to learn to paint! So, off I trotted to the beautiful Cărturești Carousel store in the old town (a must visit for anyone in București, if only for the beautiful interior) to see what I could find, and picked up a rather brilliant little Mini Gouache Set.

I think it's fairly obvious I never went to art school...

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New Year's Resolution


So, one of my missions this year has been to spend some time rediscovering the joys of printing in the darkroom, the old fashioned way.

At some point I'll pull together some useful links/instructions for anyone who wants to try the same.  In the meantime, here are some pictures to prove it!

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Holiday snaps from the last week, in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.  The temperature back here in the UK has been a most unpleasant shock...

Fuerteventura is a funny old place, blazing hot, no rain, very little greenery, mostly desert/volcanic landscape.  It reminds me more than anywhere else of Iceland, geographically speaking.  But definitely not climatologically.

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Still Life

There are some of my favourite 'still life' photographs taken over the years.  A mix of styles, colour/black and white/etc., about the only thing they all have in common is they are shot and/or printed 'traditionally' using film and darkroom.

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Palladiotypes are prints made using palladium instead of silver to build up the image; it results in beautiful, warm prints full of texture.  These examples are made by hand-coating 100% rag art paper - hence the 'brush strokes' at the edge of the prints.  (Actually, a brush isn't used for coating - to ensure a consistent thickness of coating these are coated using a glass rod to 'push' a puddle of palladium & ferric oxalate across the surface of the paper.)

Because Palladiotypes are exposed under ultra-violet rather than visible light, an enlarger is no use (my eyes don't focus UV ;-).)  These are therefore contact prints, from 4x5" negatives. 

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