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The Doors in Limerick

This was a photo taken during a recent trip to Limerick, Ireland.  I like the myriad textures in it, although I wish I'd shot it using different film - this was on Ilford Delta 3200 shot at ISO800.  It lacks the warmth a film like FP4+ might have given it; I might try printing it on warmer paper, or even maybe giving it the Lith printing treatment.  Still, I thought it was worth a go printing it anyway so here it is.

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FAQs About E6 Development

A few people have asked questions prompted by my How To Develop E6 Film article.  I try to reply, but sometimes I'm so busy I don't get round to it for far too long (sorry!,) so hopefully I can answer some of them here.

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How To Develop E6 Film

This is a short guide written to explain how to develop CR46 or E6 colour slide film yourself 'in the kitchen.' Commercial slide processing is not only hard to find these days (most high street photo shops will have to send it away if they handle it at all,) but also expensive.

By processing yourself, you can save considerable money, as well as having the immense satisfaction of knowing the whole process, from taking the photograph to projecting (or scanning) the slide, was in your control.

However, there is a myth that E6 (or colour processing in general) is 'too hard' to DIY. I hope this guide demonstrates that isn't true; it may be slightly more tricky than B&W in some respects, but equally in some ways it is easier.

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